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エコなアイデア、シェアしませんか? グリーン・チャレンジ(Green Challenge)



そこで私からは 【グリーン 🍀チャレンジ・Green Challenge】


バトンを渡したりタグ付けはしないので、「自分もこんなアイデアをシェアしたい!」と思われる方は【グリーン 🍀チャレンジ】として投稿して下さいね。

海外の方ともアイデアをシェアし合いたいと思い、この “Green Challenge” には英訳もつけ、海外の方から英語の投稿があった場合には日本語訳をつけさて頂きます。

「知ってはいたけど、いつもは忙しくて実行できなかった」ことを、“Stay home”のいまのチャンスに始めてみるきっかけにして頂けたらうれしいです。

Recalling the time when I was giving lectures on eco-lifestyle and eco-food, I would like to share some environment-friendly and self-restraint ideas that you could try in your daily life.

I named this project “Green Challenge” and am starting, however, I would not ask anyone to take on this challenge. Please feel free to post your idea whenever you would like to share with others!

Since I would like to share my ideas with my non-Japanese friends too, I post those “Green Challenge” in English too, and I would translate your idea to Japanese so that my Japanese friends and followers could read it.

You might have already “know” those ideas, but might never have had a chance to “do” because you were too busy, so I would be happy if this “Green Challenge” could give you a chance to “do” during those “stay home” days.


好きな生地の上に、蜜蝋をアイロンで溶かして作るとっても簡単なエコラップ。 今はお店に材料を買いに出ることは控え、通販などでお求めくださいね。



◆Beeswax wrap Easy to make by melting beeswax with an iron or oven with your favorite fabric.


(Photo: I use the beeswax wrap that I made to store “shiso” leaves)





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